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One Platform For Employers & Hiring Consultants

At Career Spoon Hiring is automates, streamlines and optimizes the entire recruitment of employers as well as consultants. Further, it is powered with advanced programs to perform functions like resume Database, candidate management, hiring workflow management, and communication management with Jobseekers.

Inbuilt Resume Parser

  • Both employers and consultants can convert their unstructured resume data into structured pre-designed format
  • They can save their time and efforts by automatically fetching candidate details from their existing candidate database
  • In addition to that, it allows the employers and consultants to store bulk resumes to enrich their candidate database

Inbuilt Candidate Management System

  • Both the employers and consultants can add and manage existing candidates as well as new applicants
  • Create new groups and manage the existing ones to club candidates with similar skills, profiles, and interests together
  • Design new SMS and email templates to communicate with the candidates or send out bulk SMS and emails to the same

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